Chicken Pulao Recipe - How to Make Chicken Pulao Recipe at Home

Hi folks!

Today I'll reveal to you a dish whose name is about! Chicken meal,

To make chicken goulash you will require these things! Every one of these things you require!

1. Basmati rice drenched 1/2 (Dead Cup)

2. Sans bone chicken 1 cut into bits of a ½ inch 600 grams

3. Yogurt 1/4 2 (half) Cup

4. Ginger glue 2 tbsp

5. Garlic glue 2 tbsp

6. Salt to taste

7. Oil 4 tbsp

8. Cumin seeds 1 tsp

9. Clove

10. Cinnamon 2 inch piece

11. Little cardamom

12. Sharp Leaf 2

13. Onion Slices 2

14. Cleaved tomatoes 3

15. Red bean stew powder 1 Tsp

16. Chicken stock 3 mugs

Chicken Pulao Recipe - How to Make Chicken Pulao Recipe at Home
Chicken Casserole Recipes:

1. Put the chicken in a blend of curd, ginger glue, garlic lehsun glue, and salt to marinate in the cooler for 60 minutes.

2. Warmth the oil in a weight cooker and sear the cumin seeds by 10 seconds. Presently put cloves, cinnamon, little ilaichi, and sharp leaves and sear for 10 seconds. Presently put onions and sear till brilliant.

3. At that point blend the tomatoes and sear for 3 minutes on high warmth. Put the red stew powder and blend it. Presently put the chicken with marinade and broil for 2-3 minutes.

4. At that point put the chicken stack and let it bubble. Presently include the rice and bubble. At that point cook the cooker's top by 2 shrieks on medium warmth.

5. At the point when the weight is totally killed, open the cover and shake with a light hand. Serve your inclinations with raita and Cuchubar.

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