Egg Chaat Recipe - How to Make Egg Chaat Recipe at Home

Hi folks!

Today I'll reveal to you a dish whose name is about! Egg licking,

To make the egg licking you will require these things! Every one of these things you require!

1. Bubbled Egg Chhila 6

2. Onion slashed 1/2 (half) 3. Cucumber Chhila 2 (half) 4. Green chilies 2-3

5. Crisp mint leaves 15-20

6. Crisp green coriander leaves 2 tbsp

7. Salt to taste

8. Chaat Masala to taste

9. Simmered cumin Kuta 4 Tsp

10. Green Dhaniye-mint chutney 2 Tsp

11. Red Bell peppers 1/2 4 (a Chauthai)

12. Letus of Cards

Egg Chaat Recipe - How to Make Egg Chaat Recipe at Home
The formula for egg licking:

1. Finely slash the onion. Cut the cucumbers into equal parts by cutting the length.

2. Finely slash green chilies, peppermint and green coriander. Keep it all in a bowl.

3. Cut the eggs in two lengths and expel the yolk from within (you can blend the yolk with the tomato sauce to apply the sandwich.

4. We require only the egg whites for this chaat. Cut taller thin cuts of the egg white part.

5. Include salt, chaat masala, Kuta cumin seeds, peppermint-dhania chutney, and blend. Cut thin cuts of paprika and visually impaired.

6. Put the eggs in the Onion bowl and even put a little paprika. Blend all with a light hand.

7. Place the Letus in a serving plate and put the eggs over it. Serve decorated with the rest of the paprika.

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