Fruit Kabab Recipe - How to Make Fruit Kebabs Recipe at Home

Hi folks!

Today I'll disclose to you a dish whose name is about! Natural product Kebabs,

You will require these things to make organic product kebabs! Every one of these things you require!

1. Apple 1 ½ inch pieces 1

2. Kiwi 1 bits of a ½ inch

3. Pineapple 1 ½ inch blocks 2

4. Aluubhukhare 1 ½ inch of 5 pieces

5. Banana 1 ½ inch blocks 2

6. Oil 2 tbsp

7. To make marined

8. Dark colored Sugar 3 tbsp

9. Nectar 1/4 (one Chauthai Cup)

10. Nibu Juice 3 tbsp

11. Salt to taste

Fruit Kabab Recipe - How to Make Fruit Kebabs Recipe at Home
The formula for Fruit kebabs:

1. Include dark colored sugar, nectar, Nibu squeeze, and salt in a major bowl to make the marined.

2. Include apples, kiwis, marined, Aluubukhara, banana pieces, blend well with the goal that every one of the bits of organic products looks well.

3. Presently take in these organic products, hence earlier: The Aluubukhara, kiwis, apples, and bananas. Warmth a little oil in a flame broil dish, remember it, cover and cook until brilliant.

4. Learn and place the organic product on the serving plate, sprinkle somewhat nectar and serve quickly.

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