Pani Puri/Golgappa Recipe - How to Make Pani puri/Golgappa at Home

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Today I'll reveal to you a dish whose name is about! Water/Whole Golgpays,

Water/Whole You'll require these things to make Golgpay! Every one of these things you require

1. Water/Whole Golgpay 10

2. Kinava 1 container

3. Vegetable stock 2 containers

4. Madras Curry powder 1 Tsp

5. Liquid gram/chickpeas Baked 2 containers

6. Tomato 1

7. onion/hacked onions Chopped 1/4 2 (half) 8. Raisins 1/4 (one Chauthai Cup)

9. Hacked coriander leaves 3 tbsp

10. Pomegranate 200 mL

11. Juice of Nibu 1 tablespoon

12. Dark Salt 1 Tsp

13. Oliva oil tbsp

14. Yellow Rye 1 Tsp

15. Madras Curry powder 1 Tsp

16. Cumin Powder 1 Tsp

17. Salt to taste

Pani Puri/Golgappa Recipe - How to Make Pani puri/Golgappa at Home
Water/Whole Golgpay technique for making:

1. Wash the Kinava and fill a non-stick dish. Include hot vegetable stock and curry powder and Pakaye to 15-17 minutes on light fire. At that point cover for 5 minutes.

2. Warmth oil on medium warmth in a little non-stick container to make the dressing. Include the rye and when he burst, at that point expel the dish from the warmth and include the curry powder and the cumin seeds powder and broil for 1 moment to 45 seconds. Include a ½ teaspoon of salt and blend and keep it.

3. Place the heated Kinava in a bowl. Include the gram, tomato, onion, raisins and 2 tbsp of green coriander and blend well. Include dressing and blend with great. Chakhe and flavoring blend.

4. At that point include pomegranate juice, lemon juice, extra green coriander, and dark salt and blend. Pooriyo the upper piece of the Kinava plate of mixed greens and fill it with a little pomegranate squeeze and serve promptly.

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