Soya Pulao Recipe - How to Make Soya Pulao Recipe at Home

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Today I'll disclose to you a dish whose name is about! Soy Casserole,

To make soy goulash you will require these things! Every one of these things you require!

1. Soy Nagat splashed/hacked Bhiga Hua 1 2 containers

2. Basmati rice splashed/bubbled Bhiga Hua 1 4 containers

3. Salt to taste

4. Oil 2 tbsp

5. Cumin seeds 1 tsp

6. Powder of turmeric 4 (one Chauth tsp)

7. Red Chili Powder 1/4 " 2 (half) TSP

8. Coriander powder 1 Tsp

9. Ginger is beating up 2 (half) TSP

10. Garam Masala Powder 4 (one Chauthai tsp)

11. Tomato finely cut/hacked Chopped 1

12. Green Peas 1/4 2 (half) Cup

13. New green coriander hacked (1) 2 (Dead tablespoon)

Soya Pulao Recipe - How to Make Soya Pulao Recipe at Home
Soy Casserole Recipe:

1. Include soya Nuggets, some water, and salt in a bowl and cook for 2-3 minutes in Macrovev. Warmth the oil in a weight cooker and add it to the cumin seeds and benchtops broil.

2. Deplete the rice in the water and get it. At that point include the turmeric powder, stew powder, coriander powder, ginger, and garam masala powder and blend well.

3. Presently include soy pieces, tomato, salt, green peas, and coriander leaves. Include some water and blend well. Cover the cooker and cook until the 2-3 whistle. Cook for 2-3 minutes by abating the fire. At the point when the weight finishes, open the cover of the cooker and serve brilliant.

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